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Selected Village Board Minutes
Nov. 2017 Minutes
Nov 14, 2017


Board Meeting-Norwalk Village Board –Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Attendance-board members:, MW, AK, KH,DD, KV, TK

Others in attendance: B & M Johnson, D Gnewikow, H Vian, D Jones.

Board Meeting was called to order by Pres MW at 7:00pm.

Meeting was properly noticed and agenda posted.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Public comments: M Johnson requested to speak about library sewer line installation and was informed she

could do so when discussed later on agenda if she wished. She agreed.

Motion by Kotten second by Vian to approve October 10, 2017 Board meeting minutes MC

DPW Vian reported having to replace a burnt out sampler at sewer plant.  Phosphorous testing is almost

complete at site 1 and will soon experiment with putting ferric in at a different location. The phosphorous

reduction has increased the amount of sludge produced as expected and have found Advanced Pumping to come

and haul it away during winter months for a penny a gallon.

Motion by Hilliard second by Dinger to not pay the extra charge for ?ashing installed

on reservoir roof project. (no approved change order)MC

DPW Vian reported Well#1 has been pulled and televised- a lot of build up along length

of pipe and 6-7 ft of dirt and debris at bottom.  Training in Tomah Dec. 13. Both Je, and

Henry to attend( [email protected])

A new sewer lateral will be installed with the library addition eliminating the current

“Y” situation with the adjoining property with new PVC going to manhole from both

properties . M Johnson representing L Winchel interest asked to be kept informed of the

progress of project and location of existing lines and “Y” when located.

Motion by Wield second by Kotten to approve purchase of software for e-bill and e-pay

for water bills. MC

D Gnewikow reported progress on library addition and that a cement approach to new

front should be poured within the next week or two to make it handicap accessible

again. Spring is current hope for completion deadline.

Clerk will try to round up information to submit a seal coating road project for the

County LRIP deadline of Fri. Nov. 17

Motion by Karis second by Kotten to pay bills.  MC

Motion by Dinger second by Karis to approve 2018 budgets as printed .MC

The village board chose not to entertain the idea of a treasurer bond ordinance and prefer to continue with short

term tax bonding for the clerk.

Motion by Karis second by Kotten to move personnel: raises and bonus’ to end of agenda. MC

Clerk to send letter to owners of 207 Main St. and request a more definite timeline for demolition .

Wield and Karis presented facts and statistics sheet comparing Wilton and Sparta ambulance services. continue

to gather information until next meeting.

Motion by Karis second by Vian to go into closed session per WI State Statutes 19.85(1)  to discuss raises and

bonus’ Karis-aye; Hilliard-aye; Dinger-aye; Vian-aye; Kotten-aye; Wield-aye.

Out of closed session

Motion by Kotten second by Karis to adjourn. MC

Submitted by S Karis.

Minutes submitted to be approved at the Dec 12, 2017 meeting

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